Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5-Star General Douglas MacArthur: American Myth & Legend

Yep, that's right... One President's Prima Donna maybe another Emperor's Nightmare.

Who knows the Official Story of the US Retreat from the Philippines, but what I do know is that this single military statesman instilled Fear & Respect into the Japanese and their Emperor unlike no other-- this man was an American Master of The Far East.

Do you have One, Today?

I fear not and I wonder why. Does the United States need Shock Therapy treatment again in the form of another Pearl Harbor & Bataan?

American Middle Class Forced to Walk on Death March to Nowhere.

Are you so Vain & Arrogant that you can't imagine the shear threat of Genocide not happening to US? Believe me, a good many Middle Eastern militant groups would be happy to lend a hand to the Far East in favor of our Indenture & Global Humiliation.

I Think Not to Follow the Lost & Meek so-called Leaders of our Country for very much longer... for I have a Long Memory.

If they in our Government-- Wherever they Are, are not up to the JOB-- they will be Terminated & Replaced by Those that Can and Will with Pride!

It is our solemn Duty as Shareholders of the United States that were issued the Declaration of Independence in good faith to be Empowered the Rights to Procure Effective Leadership from our Humble Commonwealth and place them in Vital Decision-Making Positions in Government to Serve & Protect the United States Commonwealth... Place our current form of Government on Notice.

May God, Mohammand, Budda, or Whoever you Worship-- Help you Survive the Wrath of the Commonwealth of the United States.

Hell has No Fury like Uncle Sam when he is Pist!

The Foundation has already been poured...


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