Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Open Letter: US Comptroller General David Walker

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Dear David,

It looks like Greenspan jumped ship over to the UK... maybe his 6th sense told him he was traveling on the wrong Ship of Fools-- like the Titanic,

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Here's a Page from one of my sites - , G8 Politics: Economic Development Solutions-- Not Wagging The Dog, The Place for Observations, Understanding, & Solutions
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By claptonfla.
Wednesday, 26. October 2005, 07:08:34

Folks, 2006 is the year of major importance to secure leadership for the survival of the G8 Nations that support innovation & peace around the World.

Wealthbuilding through Globalization's benefits of cheap labor does not promote the resources to support global innovation & peace, which has been the mandate of the G8 Industrialized Nations for centuries.

China & The Far East are about to Eat our proverbial Lunch, if we don't wise-up and confront them head-on.

What's needed?

o Overcome the exodus of wealth leaving the G8 Nations
o Innovate and re-position the G8 Nations beyond the reach of the 2nd & 3rd World Developing Economies.
o Secure Fiscal budgets both private & public
o Secure Balanced Trade
o Secure Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness to benefit G8 National Citizens -- Invest, Promote, & Add Value to the Citizens of the G8 Industrialized Nations.

Folks, it is very simple...

Has China & the Far East ever been to the Moon? Will they ever have the challenge & desire to accomplish such a feat? Once as a global superpower, do you believe China will nurture & protect the Peace & Economic Development of the rest of the World?

The Hard & Soft of it is this,

Due to our role as the World's Care Giver & Superpower, and all of the trappings that go with it, how on earth do you expect the United States & the G8 Allies to compete with those that do not carry such a burden in the race to the bottom of GLOBALIZATION?

TR (US President Theodore Roosevelt) would have said, "You wanna talk about trade agreements with the United States, meet me on an Aircraft Carrier, yours or mine?"

Please join me in probing, progressive discussions on the restructuring plan of the G8 Industrialized Nations.

Are you in agreement? If so, let's talk... I have been working on these innovative solutions for over (5) years and I believe that they would peak your interest.

The Bottom Line is this,

Somebody needs to Lobby the Commonwealth & the Government of the United States and Light a protective Fire-Line around this Raging Fire on the Horizon of 2010 before it Engulfs the Entire Western Hemisphere...

I'm a Patriot-- and I'll Stand.



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