Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Senator Mark Dayton has Got It Right -- Dismiss FEMA!

THUMBS UP! for Sen. Mark Dayton for a calling a Spade-a-Spade,

[Need Dayton's quote from Senate Records during Committee Hearings held on Feb 13, 2006 -- not yet available]

Basically, Senator Dayton calls for the Dismissal of the FEMA Department and place the Responsibility under the DOD -- not a bad idea if we have been running up against Federal vs State issues this whole time while trying to deliver relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Ducking Joke of American Leadership in the 21st Century-- all Branches of the Federal Government are Responsible... Please, somebody break a finger and TAKE CHARGE!

Maybe Bill remembers posing in Hope, Arkansas at the railroad station in August 10, 1993... Jesus, Bill-- Step on Something! Poke an Eye!

Does Dumb & Dumber Ring a Bell?


LA Times
First Coast News


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